About The Show

American soprano, Marni Nixon, is known in the popular world as the singing voice behind the stars of West Side Story, The King and I and My Fair Lady. An accomplished singer in her own right, she sang opera, classical song and appeared on Broadway. Marni Nixon was the singing voice of Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr, Natalie Wood, Jeanne Crain and Marilyn Monroe, to name only a few. They, on the other hand, were her face. But Marni Nixon had a face - and voice - all of her own, as she demonstrated to audiences for five decades…

The Soprano Behind The Screen is a professional production based on the life of Hollywood's secret soprano; Marni Nixon who dubbed the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood & Deborah Kerr. This concert production tells her story through tales of silver screen Hollywood and songs from classic movie musicals (including My Fair Lady, West Side Story and The King & I), operas, classical song and more recent Broadway shows too. 

Audiences have called this production "enchanting", "breathtaking" and "beautiful". Subscribe to be the first to know of upcoming performances of our original show; The Soprano Behind The Screen.


"A breathtaking performance in an idyllic venue."

"Charlie-Jade is a very versatile soprano and this adaptation of Marni Nixon's life story was beautifully performed."

"It takes a singer to know a singer; and certainly to sing in tribute to the talented Marni Nixon. Charlie-Jade Jones has the voice to sing Nixon’s songs and tell her story. The show includes the songs that Nixon sang for the stars of ‘The King and I’, ‘Westside Story’ and ‘My Fair Lady’, but also the classical repertoire Nixon sang in her own name, such as Copland’s ‘Heart, we will forget him’. Whatever your musical preferences, there will be songs you already love and new ones to hear in this enchanting show.